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♥ Valentine’s Day Ring – DIY

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This jewelry making tutorial shows you how to make your own DIY ring using shrink plastic!

You will need:
  • ·         White Shrink Plastic Sheet
  •     Heart-shaped cutter
  •           Scissors
  • ·         Sanding Block
  • ·         Permanent marker
  • ·         Pencil
  • ·         Water- based sealant
  • ·         Glue
  • ·         Ring base

There is variety of shrink plastics out there- clear, frosted, black, white and a variety of colors. I used sheets of white shrink plastic.

1. Draw with a permanent marker  the heart shape, keeping in mind it will shrink about to half the size that it starts out. 
2. Cut out your shape from shrink plastic.

3. It is usually best to sand the shrink plastic prior to stamping/coloring. Use a fine grit sandpaper, sand the entire sheet of shrink plastic one way, then turn and sand it the opposite way.
4. Draw on a white paper the image you want: I drew a nice broken heart. 
5. Now you can copy this image on the shrink plastic; I used a pencil, but you can even use a permanent marker.

6. Bake the plastic in the oven- preheated to 350 degree. It takes about 30 seconds depending on the size and it is just like magic! The plastic shrinks, rolls up in a ball and then flattens out. Once removed from the heat it hardens to plastic.
7. I use to protect the plastic with a coat of sealant (water-based is better).  Apply a relatively thin coat of sealant, let it dry. Then apply another coat and let dry. Repeat as many times as desired.
8. Now you have only to glue the heart to the ring base. Hold the ring base down tightly to the jewelry for a few minutes.

Voila!  A new ring for you to wear!

5 commenti:

  1. Cute! I love crafting with shrinky dink! Thanks for sharing!

    1. My creations are often made with drawings on shrink plastic, if you want to take a look!
      Thanks for hosting :)

  2. Great idea! Thanks for linking up to DIY Diva Thursdays


  3. Super cute ring. Good luck from Bacon Time.


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